You should  approach with cation

The dangers of underestimating me

are always watching

The monsters I  contain

Deep with in the pages  of my soul

are nightmarish  creatures

I made from the pieces of the those I have conquered

These beast in me

feed on the enemies

of their queen

with a glutinous appetite

they are never full

till I’m  happy

So if you wanna be

the one to cross me tread lightly

my protectors are & fiercely   loyal to thier creator

Only I  know the catastrophic power they hold

So I only let them go when I’m faced with true evil

Try to bring harm apon the few things we trust and love

there will be no controlling them

off thier leashes they will come

Whatever in their sights better run

They haven’t feasted in

quite some time

Few choose to walk that line

Once they see what lurks

on the other side

So please don’t say that you tried

or try pleading for your life

Just keep right

Don’t let them get the slightest whiff

Of bad intentions

Thier trained to sniff out deception

For this, they have no tolerance

They will tear you limb from limb

You’re closing in on thier territory

Consider this your final warning