Its beyond wrong

How many have to suffer

For some to profit from

The distribution of bombs

An age old religious war

That has no purpose to us westerners

Except of course the profits of war

90 thousand airstrikes

Famon across 99%of the population

People with no government to protect them having the the richest nations in the world

use the Yemenis people  as a gold rush

to supply tirant governments with all the tools of oppression

Our tax dallors are funding genocide

And most don’t even blink an eye
Wish I could shine a light on the the dark intentions behind our governments use of the word terrorism

How they twist it into us not having a constitution

And justification of slottering civilians we must stand together 4Yemen

Demand our government stop supplying oppressive governments

Its not about religion or profits

Its about good and evil

And what America stands for

Yemen stand for humanity