I look back and I am awestricken

The absolute endearment 

In raising 9 children 

she held it with pride

My Mother is the strongest 

person I know 

She held us all together

And she did alone 

Dad cared but wasn’t always there

Addicted to heroin 

He tried his best

But she never put anything before us

Raising 9 children 

she wasn’t perfect

I don’t think I know someone who could of done it better

My words stumble 

when it comes to her 

Cuz she has helped build 

every piece of me 

I’m almost identical to her

From my eyes  

To my nose my knees 

Even the way my pinky toe turns inward 

I also was lucky enough to inherit 

Her fierce lioness approach to protecting her family

A switch that makes me stick up for someone that gets bullied 

She taught me that blood was thicker than water and no matter how bad you messed up 

you can always come home

Her morals and lessons 

carved the person I am

But fee like I’m missing so much 

Cuz She’s has done so much

She’s the mother of 9 

Got pregnant at 16

 Had my oldest sister Dec 28

3days after her 17th birthday

3boys and 5 more girls later 

We now have children of our own 

to pass on the lessons of our mother 

She’s  proud that we’re happy 

And healthy 

We all talk to eachother 

We all depend on eachother 

Dads clean now 

more able to help out 

My Mother is the reason 

we all made it

9 kids raised in over 15 apartments

We often were in ghetto

But not one of us ever got lost 

To drugs

To abuse

To addition 

Or anything we remain whole cuz shes keeps us together

No matter how far away life takes us

she always helps us pick 

the right way to go

Never tries to clip our wings 

wants us to explore the world 

But always there to lead us home

This poem has been inside of me since I was a little girl

I’ve  been searched for 

the words to show

The greatful admiration 

respect and love I have for her