I watch and it makes me dizzy in minutes 

Recycling the same 10 segments 

Over and again

Half truths of full lies

I look for the swastika but I see

The stars and stripes

I close my eyes to stop the circling 

Gain my balance again

Did we really 

 yes us, our tax dallors

Have paid for over a 26,171 bombs dropped on over 5 countries 


Let me ask did you agree to this

Are we consienous of our actions

Truth is America was built by terrorists 

read a history book

Our Declaration  gives the people the right to question 

To hold accountable 

The right to overturn 

their government  

if the way of the people is mishandled They Act like the hold all the power

Corruption is in every man we all are capable of horrendous things 

And its horrible to drop bombs on children 

Its horrible to jail someone for speaking their truths

Its horrible to neglect our land

What is it does 911 have to happen again for us to understand? 

The pain we inflict on a daily basis 

I close my eye again and just start writing someone has to hear me

I feel isolated in a war zone

While Facebook pokes and my snap chat dings 

I look up at the tv and see the same exact streaming stories 

and I realize 

They think I’m a child 

like I  can be taught 

their way of thinking 

By repeating news feeds  

the bright lights of notifications 

the distraction to life

Blinking in dinning new comands every second

I’m just going out on limb

Really don’t give a shit 

if c.i.a is tracking 

my online information 

and if  I go on facebook 

the f.b.i might be watching 

whatch me, be an amazing person

But if all my info is so marketable?

Than how bout letting me share 

in the spoils Like 2$for 

ever bit of my insights?

See how much you track my keystrokes when you gotta pay for it

Such lucrative business 

When you don’t  have to pay for your poduct

But I guess that another thing we agreed apon

I could go on 

but I’m gonna get of my soapbox now