when I love someone 

I give my life to them

I let them hold my heart 

in their hands 

I grant them total access 

To all the forbidden parts of me

My fears my hopes and my dreams

I never let go 

till they’re already gone  forever 

and my heart is scared to be 

back with me 

Keeps reaching for them

I try to consoul it 

tell it’s ok to be alone

Then it says I know this 

Wtf  were you thinking

 thought we were friends

You just gave me away

Like I was nothing

I know I’m not perfect

But I’m the only 

heart you’ll ever get

You should be more careful with me

I know you’ve always been a good friend, never letting forget what makes me, me 

Speaking up for good in me

I was fallowing your lead

    it wasn’t all me

You wanted go 

when I let you go 

you jump so fast 

 all I saw was a blur 

The next time we both know

To bring a rope 

So when we jump 

I can always pull you home