The look in her eyes

Says its gonna be a long night

I’m where she turns

when she doesn’t  wanna remember

As long as I hold her

She’s just mine

And im just hers

Nothing else matters

Without any words

We comfort eachers souls

She knows I’d never let go

till she tells me so

In the morning I loosen my grip

She tries to explain how

she got lost and ened up

on my door step again

I don’t let her finish and

just kiss her beautiful lips

I know what this is

Dont think your hurting anyone

We’re friends that get lost sometimes

I think its beautiful

we find eachother time after time

We know its not right

But life is not always black and white

So don’t apologiz for

giving me your night

I dont mind being where you go when you’re lost

I’ll be here to light up your night