Lost voice of freedom 

Whispers in the wind

Our 4 fathers turn in thier caskets

War and famine across the plantet manufactured by some 100percenters cooperate greediness 

It’s not the scene

to some futuristic  movie 

This is real reality 

We are cattle branded by industry 

Don’t like that analogy?

Were just parts to a money machine

Slaves in our own colony  

Romans cheering for 

the gladiator to bleed

We killed half the earths people

for Jesus Christ 

Called it a crusade

and Not genocide  

Do we really have to learn  

this lesson again 

When will unite 

Despite all the reasons 

They created 

to keep us segregated 

To Seperate us in the best order   That strengthen thier profits 

Now these industrial tirents

Have their eyes set 

On freedoms of the enter net 

Net Neutrality, is the principal that governs the enter net we love

The new head of the F.C.C. 

Plans to destroy it along with so many of the freedoms we already been granted

It’s not something we can vote on

We just have to talk about it

Please help Net Neutrality live on

Research the facts youself

E-mail write tweet post  

Most don’t even know 

our freedom is about to be sold