screenshot_2017-02-24-02-28-26.pngOnce apon a time
Long before we walked the earth
This land was very different from what you see
From sea to sea
Plants and trees filled every
nook and cranny
And if you look closely
Somewhere in the hidden in the lilacs or tucked safely in the shelter of trees
Lived magical fairies
Shiny crystals fell from their
Beeding wings.
Crystals that would fall to the earth
creating life
every blade of grass you see
All the berries every flower, every leaf from maple to ivy, they even made the weeds
Once the earth was full of forests and plant life of all different kinds
The fairies time on earth would end
They loved making the world grow
But knew it was almost time to go
The wanted to leave us a piece of themselves so the fairies made us a special plant
That was sprikled with their crystals
They made it a weed
so it could grow abundantly
Named it merry
cuz it made you happy
Knowing we couldn’t fly
their crystals made us high
So in Horner of the fairies
that gave their lives
let us light
their magical gift on fire