wp-1487705226816.pngI once knew a girl whose smile

Could rival the sunshine

A heart she just started knowing

She was young and innocent

One cold December eavning

rain freezing into ice

right before her eyes

her car slid of the road

hit a snowbank got flipped over

She woke 3 days later

family all around her

She tried to smile

all she really suffered

was a broken femer

She looked down at the IV

I broke my leg I dont feel a thing

Her mom says

“thats cuz they got

you all dope up kid”

Her eyes rolled,

she wanted to keep talking

But the medicine released

and she fell fast asleep

For 2 wks she drifted

in and out conscious

Till the medicine affects weakened

She started to coversate

and smile again

Finally cleared for physical therapy

She was sent home to continue her recovery

With her Dr’s strict scipt of 2oxicotten

Twice a day or as needed

When her bones healed

but a she was scarred deep within

Supposed  to be all better now

well, why cant she sleep

why is it impossible to eat

Why does she have this anxiety inside so deep

it hurts to breathe

She remembers how the pills the Dr. gave her always made her drowsy

She finds a bottle lost in her dresser

Pops 2 now everything

is all of a sudden better

She can eat

she can think

she can breathe and soon

she’ll be fast asleep

in the morning

she’s surprised by

feelings like shit

Her body hurts shes irritable

And then the nausea sets in

Her skin feels like it’s crawling of lil bugs nipping at her nerves

She doesn’t  want to go back to the hospital

Maybe pop one them and draw out the pain

One helps a lil bit

Calms the nausea and nipping

At her nerves

She still cant eat so pop

One more

The irritability and the crawling of her skin still rampid

Somethings wrong but one more should fix it

Now she’s feeling herself again

Now she’s addicted

But she needs it

She goes on till the whole bottle doesn’t help her

Refills disappear

Then shes follows down a road

that would never be possible

If she didnt have that script

from the Dr

Now she lost searching

In coldest places

her processions are the first to go her boddy and soul are soon to follow

the girl that rivaled the sunshine..was to far gone for anyone to reach

became dull and cold

you could barley see her

Not until she got locked away

did she find herself again

Hard to hide in 8×10

She was released from prisson

without a prescription

And smiled that amazing smile

For the first time

in quite while

ready to take on her life

All though she doesn’t need the pills to make to  it right

she will bare the scars

for rest of her life

Her addiction she always have to fight