Life,what is life

well, Iguess that depends

On who you are

What matters to you 

What drives you and what scares you

Friends family and lovers 

Secrets betrayal and heartache 

All seem to come hand and hand

Pain weakens over time

And as the pages of life fly by

We learn wrong from right 

And how to say goodbye

But sometimes we can’t tell wrong from right 

And our hearts hang on long after goodbye 

But thats life

Lifes the one that got away

The words you wish you had the courage to

And the choices you make 

We look back now and wonder how 

Our lives turned out 

So different than what we dreamed about

When we’re  suppose to be smart

We take the leap and fall hard

When we’re suppose to listen to our hearts we get scared and fall apart

And that’s why we are where we are

Our hearts wear a lifetime of scars

Most of them self-inflicted 

Most we’re still regretting 

And we hat life for changing 

what we want to stay the same

And keeping the same what we want to change

But you wanna know something else about life 

Only life flying by can ease heartache 

Only lifes lil qua-winky-dinks

Can give the chance to say what you never got to say 

And ONLY IN LIFE can we love in 

The ways that keep us going everyday