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Scared by the power of life

Ok its your boddy i get it

Its also your choice to commit

The action that led 

you to this situation

We all kno the reasons

No matter how innocent your intentions or drunken your decision 

No matter how much u love him

Or how much he loves you 

All that matters

 is you’re  pregnant 

Everyones saying

 you’re  young you have choices

Truth is those choices

 were already made 

Now theres a new voice to be heard

The voice of your child

Ask any mother alive if they would Choose a life without their child we all kno the answer

Put it all aside close your eyes

Dont try to fight the tears its real

Your lifes ended and started again 

When that strip switched  to pink

Its ok to be scared you now kno

 what it feels like to hold 

the power of life 



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