Maybe I’m doing something right 

You keep shining me bright 

Wish I could wish I might
Wish all I want                                     It still wouldn’t be right

Truth is we couldn’t handle it we would burn out or blow up 

We can’t control it its impulsive 

 I literally have to stop myself from giving you a reason.                 to look at me the way you do,                                                                         its all a lil too much                              a lil too hot to touch 

lust like a mosquito to blood absolute stupidity 
my mind shuts off when your around me 

start thinking wit another part of my body 
don’t think I’m being naughty 
I’m honestly  ashamed of your ability to see right thru me

I try to hide but you light me up
I trust you with my heaviest shit
And you absorb it without judgment 

 I do the same without question 

the trust is instinctive 
And must be respected.                truth is I am really honored to be your friend