wp-1487288773924.pngI cant say its something
I had to master or practice

The ability to control words
contort and twist them to my flow
has always been my special power

Some would call it a gift
Although I cant recall recieving it
I say it’s my hide away

I’ve  been inside these lil blue lines So many times it’s like
The only place I feel alive

The rythem of my mind heart and soul.                                                   Bumps so hard I can only
Hear the beat of my pen

My hands cramps as my letters.   start to cram together                       I’m gonna have fun trying to decipher

This labyrinth of words.       Scribbles of my soul
Lead to places I’ve never been before

Then right back to the beginning
I’m lost be in my lil blue lines again
Guided only by the glide of my pen
Searching for a reason to my rhymes
Wondering why
these words bounce around
In the back of my mind

Clouding up till they
Build up enough                                   to let go

Sometimes they just trickle
Other times they storm down with, such great force

I’m just a victim of the flow

Is it a bessing or am I cursed
Am I  a victim or a miesrto

Do I control this ability
or is it an addiction

If you were able to take every rhyme I ever wrote
and lay down like a road I wonder where it would go.

Where ever it leads I will follow     The light of my pen forever