The digital world only

sees what you post

you’re perfect Any criticism and

theres a block button for a reason

Dont distract me with

rising levels of human trafficking

The Kardashians are trending
Smh at dakota access pipeline

Walking deads on tonight

Please, just let me

live my American life

The life that has giving

freedoms Unheard of
to others…

Other races other religions

other woman other matter

your upbringing or ways,

it is unconstitutional to hate.

We wrote the book on freedom,

somehow we’ve become freely blind

We should be Liking👍 freedom
and those who fight for it

like👍 the rights
we were all born with

Like👍 the constitution!!!
And the reason it was written

We are the home of the brave
Born free to waste

what some have and will die for,

We can’t turn the other cheek

Try to remember

We all are immigrants
Besides the natives!

And don’t get me started
On the injustice
That was inflicted on them
For this America to exist

They sold our country
But they cant unwrite our rights
Do whats right and like👍mankind